Humanitarian Crisis South Africa - hidden from the world for 25 years.


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My Journey


I never imagined I would be speaking to the world on crimes against humanity, genocide and corruption taking place in South Africa. When I began on this journey, I did not have social media. I began speaking for the farmers because the murders are extremely brutal in nature, solely based on race and ignored by the world community. No news coverage, no attempts to stop the murders. It felt like I had been waiting a lifetime for something to break on the atrocities taking place in South Africa. I had almost given up. The dam at long last broke, giving me a moment of clarity and a path leading me headlong into South Africa and the complex dynamics surrounding the murder and corruption epidemic in the country.  A white South African Boere farmer has a murder rate of 156 of 100,000. The highest murder rate for any place in the world, including war zones. I began speaking out on the extreme level of corruption, murder, rape, torture, economic crisis and broader symptoms of why all of this was taking place.  I never could have known what was in store for me when I began on this mission. I became immersed in the Boer and Afrikaner community. I became plunged into South African politics, I managed to make many invaluable contacts and came to understand the extremely complicated political tensions, as well as the way all South Africans were being forced to live. This leads to where we are today and this website. Atrocities like these can never be ignores. There is nothing more important than committing to ending these crimes against humanity. The farm murders are genocide south africa and a huge humanitarian crisis