Ex-intelligence cop Deon Loots defends Boeremag


In this statement below - submitted to the Pretoria High Court on Feb 7 2013 in defence of the convicted Boeremag Treason Trialists' sentencing, Captain Deon Loots (left) described the 'agent-provocateur' activities of the SAPS' main witness against the Boeremag, J.C. Smith (right) and other leading crime-intelligence officers' activities.

A Glimpse Into History – The Forgotten Boeremag Prisoners – A Gross Rape of Justice Gone Unchallenge


On October 29 2013 a  liberal motivated high court judge, Eben Jordaan, said the members of the so-called “Boeremag ” aimed to” destroy democracy “ when it planted bombs, condemning six members of the white liberation movement  to effectively 25 years in prison in a staggering R35 million rand trial.

Boeremag cells were bugged: ex-spy


Pretoria - A former crime intelligence officer on Monday told the High Court in Pretoria he had seen police video footage of the Boeremag members found guilty of treason consulting their lawyers in jail.

Warning of ANC Pension Plunder Plan


A rapid rise in SA government spending will trigger a chain of events, culminating in the erosion of the value of your pension, leading economist Mike Schussler has warned.

Eskom used like an ATM: How Absa helped cash in on state capture. Paul O’Sullivan joins dots.


Absa, one of South Africa’s biggest banks, turned a blind eye to money laundering. That’s abundantly clear from the evidence Forensics for Justice founder Paul O’Sullivan has pieced together. Absa is hiding behind technicalities to avoid explaining its role in state capture and corruption at Eskom, which is the state entity that is the most troublesome for South Africa

89 Year Old Woman Attacked with Hammer


An 89 year old woman was attacked savagely by intruders with a hammer this morning,

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Cato Ridge shooting: Man and girl (2) killed, six injured including boy (3)


Two people have been killed, including a 2 year old girl, and six others were left injured, including a 3 year old boy, following a shooting in Nkanyzini in Cato Ridge, KwaZulu Natal.

China Has Weaponized The Smartphone: Here’s Why You Should Be Concerned


H“File sharing has never been simpler,” claim the developers behind the viral mobile app Zapya. “You can share files from device to device for free—Zapya allows you to seamlessly transfer massive files across multiple platforms.” It’s a compelling pitch—DewMobile, the app’s Shanghai-based developers, claim 450 million downloads since its 2012 launch. Somewhat awkwardly, though, it now appears that the authorities in Xinjiang have been “targeting” Zapya users among the minority Uighur population. aving a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Lottery hides its beneficiaries following corruption exposés


Are your customers raving about you on sociaThe National Lotteries Commission (NLC) has failed to publish details of organisations it has funded in its 2019 Annual report. For the past 18 years it has made the list of beneficiaries available, either in the report or as a separately released table. But now the NLC has stated that it will not be disclosing its beneficiaries.l media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

China Is Not In Africa For Charity, But To Control Its Resources


China is in Africa now not to advance Maoism, but to control its resources, people, and potential.

The scandal in Washington no one is talking about


The deadly-but-forgotten government gun-running scandal known as “Fast and Furious” has lain dormant for years, thanks to White House stonewalling and media compliance. But newly uncovered emails have reopened the case, exposing the anatomy of a coverup by an administration that promised to be the most transparent in history.

Court lashes Jacob Zuma’s language and finds no merits in his appeal argument


In yet another blow to Jacob Zuma, the KwaZulu-Natal High Court has dismissed his request to appeal the court's decision denying him a permanent stay of prosecution for arms deal-related charges. The former president was also accused for making comments that could bring the justice system into disrepute. .